Pal Mundo natural evolution was to then set up Europe’s largest indoor Latin festival, which became a reality with the Pal Mundo Festival. A highly anticipated weekend event. The Pal Mundo Festival is a Latin/Caribbean influenced festival with the inaugural event held on 2014 at the Silverdome Zoetermeer. As a platform for some of the most well-known international Latin and Caribbean artists, the Pal Mundo Festival has grown to become the largest indoor festival within Europe. The international acclaim of the festival draws in music lovers from every corner of the world. The Pal Mundo Festival is truly “For The World”.



Pal Mundo Festival upholds a zero tolerance policy, which means that neither hard drugs nor soft drugs or any kind of weapons are allowed at the festival. Do not bring any video equipment, sound-recording equipment, glass containers, cans, drinks or food from home, flagpoles more than 2 centimeters in diameter and longer than 1.5 meter, umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks (other than crutches), weapons of any kind, laser pens, large aerosol cans (other than deodorant or perfume), stools or chairs. Please respect these regulations.



You can bring: Smartphones with photo and video, normal digital photo cameras without long zoom lenses, rain capes, small deodorant / hair spray / perfume cans, chains to your pants or belts and other jewellery.

If you are in possession of drugs, you will be denied access to the event and you may be handed over to the authorities. Public use of drugs at the event will result in removal.
Please respect these regulations.



There is no official dresscode, but we would appreciate it if you put a little work into your outfit, as this will only contribute to all the party fun! Access to the festival ground can be refused or denied at all times. Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.



As long as it’s not (SEMI) Professional audiovisual equipment, you can bring a digital camera. Our advice is to take as many pictures as you can! You’ll love looking at them again later. For official press you can send your accredation to



You will find a locker available near the main entrance. It’s advisable to arrive early as more often than not the availability is limited later in the day. Fees for the lockers will apply. Lockers are manned by personnel to ensure that your goods are safe. But Pal Mundo Festival is not responsible for lost / missing items or theft.



A team of paramedics and doctors will be present troughout the entire day at Pal Mundo Festival. If you need to bring medication to the festival, please ensure you have medical documentation/doctor’s report with you to show at the entrance and in case any medical staff. Make sure you have the original package of your medicines with you.



Pal Mundo Festival wants everyone to enjoy the music and not whilst you are in a huge queue. We aim to provide multiple restroom area’s with wooden floors underneath to surround all toilets. All of our facilities will be cleaned at regular intervals. There are also special fresh point’s at the festival site where you can freshen up. Please use the facilities as it’s forbidden to go anywhere else.



There is parking near the festival ground. If you have busses or coaches please contact For cars and other domestic vehicles you can arrive and pay on the day. We do advice you to come by public transport as the train station Amsterdam Zuid Oost is located within 10 minutes of walking from Arena Park.



You need special tokens at Pal Mundo Festival. These tokens are for sale at different points across the festival area. The tokens can be paid for cash, debit and credit card.



Festival and artists merchandising articles can be bought during Pal Mundo Festival. At the merchandising stalls you can pay with your atm card and with cash.



Pal Mundo Festival opens it’s gates at 12 AM – 12:00 (+1 GMT) and finishes at 11 PM – 23:00 (+1 GMT).



A refund of your ticket is only possible when the headliner of the event cancels. All other reasons are excluded.



It’s our job to ensure that you have a great time from the start to finish. Any feedback, queries or complaints should be sent to



You are advised not to resell your tickets. Fraudulent resales and duplicates can not be claimed back.



Of course we don’t want you to starve from hunger at the festival, so besides your favourite artists & deejays you also have a choice of a wide range of culinary delights.



Unfortunately no. For safety and crowd control there is no re-entry into Pal Mundo Festival.



You can enter with a valid ticket or purchase tickets anytime before the festival finishes at
11 PM (+1 GMT).



All media | sponsoring | press enquiries should be sent to
Please ensure you send the details of your publication / agency.



Physically challenged people and wheelchair users can make use of the special toilets and special parking spots. If you are physically challenged and/or are in a wheelchair and you wish to make use of these special facilities, please send a timely email to stating your name and address. You will then receive a confirmation letter with all the information you need.

This is also the email address for other questions you might have.