Hereby we present to you part one of the line-up.
The headliner on Sunday March 27th 2016 during Pal Mundo Festival:

Gente de Zona
Ladies and gentlemen, meet: Gente de Zona! One of the most well known Cuba Reggaeton formation from South America’s soil Cuba.

Gente de Zona found its first international success following their collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on his 2014 release “Bailando”. The track was awarded three Latin Grammy awards and received widespread international airplay.

On stage, Gente de Zona can establish close communication with large numbers of young people and the general public who follow their presentations because of their stage performance and quality at work growing daily the number of people who use it. No doubt they have become one of the most prominent groups, exponents of reggaeton in Cuba, convinced that here to stay and that’s what it sounds better now. His fame was evident with the album now sounds better than I vol II, with songs like “I like the artists” and “Animals”, which came to lead the charts not only in Cuba but also in places like Miami where are the undisputed number one Antillean reggaeton and in much of Europe, a continent that perform at least two annual tours. In March 2013, Gente D’ Zona announced the separation of Alexander and Jacob Forever. Alexander follows with Gente D’Zona name alongside Randy, a former singer of Charanga habanera, Jacob continues his solo career with Nando Pro and Dani, a former member of the group (DpuntoD).

In collaboration with Latin legend Marc Anthony, Gente de Zona released their second hit single ‘La Gozadera’ which reached over 114 million views!

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